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Choose a Certified Public Accountant That Will Provide You the Highest Value

Is there a difference between the services you can expect from Partridge & Associates CPA’s as opposed to tax preparation from a national chain, accountant or bookkeeper? Almost as important, is there a difference in cost?

Yes, there are differences in the services, and they are significant. As for cost, you’ll find our fees are very competitive. Price is only half of the cost / benefit equation. Calculate the benefits of the services provided for each, and you will see that Partridge & Associates CPA’s PLC is a far greater value offering you expertise, timeliness, and affordability. We strive to be your trusted business advisors.

Partridge & Associates CPA’s PLC vs Accountants

Our CPA firm is staffed with highly educated and well-trained professionals. There is not a single person on staff in our firm who does tax returns or accounting “part-time.”  You will meet with your tax preparer in our office year-round whenever it is convenient for you.

In fact, our CPAs at Partridge & Associates CPA’s PLC are here year-round – which is crucial for business owners with tax planning questions throughout the year. You can call us any time of the year and know that you will be speaking with a full-time accounting and tax professional.

We’ll be here for you, with the benefits of experience and expertise, ready to answer your tax questions and solve your tax problems. Most of our professionals have been with our firm for many years – which means that when you call us, you’ll be speaking with somebody who is familiar with your situation.

1. Who Is Really Doing Your Tax Return?

Did you know that anyone can technically call themselves an accountant or a bookkeeper (with literally no education or training)?

Consider this: In most states, an individual is required to have a license in order to cut your hair professionally, to wire your house or even to pour a glass of wine in a restaurant. Yet, there is no license required to prepare your personal or business tax return – or to handle your company’s finances.

Partridge & Associates CPA’s has highly trained Certified Public Accountants, Masters Degrees in Taxation, and Enrolled Agents who have many years of practice in our field.

Because of our experience, knowledge and expertise, you can count on us for accounting and tax advice with professionalism and accuracy, as well as tax preparation and tax strategies to reduce your tax liability – all with best in class client service.

2. Well-Educated & Highly Trained

What are the questions that keep you up at night? Business owners face taxation issues that demand expertise you’ll only find among those of us with extensive and ongoing education. The same is true for individuals with IRAs, stocks, and other investments that create tax complexities.

Call on us just once and experience the difference. We provide the highest level of tax preparation, as well as tax planning and tax strategy consultations, with unparalleled customer service.

3. The Cost / Benefit Equation

The truth is, our fees are surprisingly low for the value we provide. What if adding a tax planning session could significantly reduce your tax liability? What if the dollars saved in tax liability more than offset the cost of that session? We do this for our clients all the time.

Every situation is unique. Every client is unique. One size does not fit all. We invite you to explore the Cost-Benefit equation for your unique situation. We could save you thousands of tax dollars.

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