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Business Tax Preparation Services

If you are searching for “business tax preparation services”, “corporate tax preparation” or “small business tax preparation” services in Scottsdale or Phoenix, Partridge & Associates can help! Every year large business owners and small business owners alike must report profits, expenses and revenue to the IRS to pay their taxes.

Business tax preparation services are offered by many tax preparation companies in Scottsdale, but not all companies will do your taxes correctly. This can cost you a lot of money. The expert tax preparation specialists at Partridge & Associates CPA’s will prepare your business tax returns correctly while also proving tax guidance to save you even more money and time.

If you need assistance with business tax returns or would like to know how much our tax preparation services cost, give Partridge & Associates a call today 480.990.2727 or fill out our contact form.

Expert Business Tax & Accounting Specialists With Over 35 Years Of Experience

Concern over tax preparation is the last thing any business owner needs. But, with over seventy-five thousand pages of various tax code, law and regulations on the books, it could be easy to make a mistake which could cost you unnecessary tax liability and penalties.

We recommend an annual tax planning meeting to all of our business clients to discuss and devise tax strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize your company’s profitability.

With over 35 years in the taxation industry in Phoenix & Scottsdale, our tax specialists are more than qualified to complete your business tax returns accurately, quickly and affordably. Our tax preparation specialists are directed by Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s); the highest certification attainable in the accounting industry. Do not trust your business tax preparation with a non-certified accountant.

Business Tax Preparation Services

Our Scottsdale based CPA firm, Partridge & Associates CPA’s PLC provides a wide range of  business tax services including: preparation of corporate, partnership, retirement and multi-state returns. Listed below are some of the business tax preparation services that we do for our clients:

Schedule C – Profit and Loss Report for Business

Form 1040, Profit and Loss, also known as, Schedule C is a tax form used to report income or loss from a single-member LLC or sole proprietorship. Businesses must file a schedule C if the purpose of your business to generate profit/revenue and if you regularly take part in the business’s activities.

Form 1120 – U. S. Corporation Income Tax Return

A corporation is separate from its shareholders (owners) in relation to income taxes. The corporation’s owners are looked at as a separate entity and do not pay taxes for the corporation. Corporations pay income taxes by filing Form 1120. Corporate income taxes are not paid at the personal tax rate like personal income taxes are, they are paid at the corporate tax rate.

Form 1120S – Income Tax Return for an S Corporation

S corporations elect to pass corporate income, deductions, losses and credits through to their shareholders for tax purposes. S corporation shareholders report the flow-through of income/losses on their personal income tax returns and are assessed tax at individual income tax rates. Form 1120S is used to report income, losses, deductions, gains, credits, etc., of a S corporation.

Form 1065 – U. S. Return of Partnership Income

Partnerships file information returns to report gains, income, deductions, losses, credits, etc. Partnerships do not pay taxes on their income but pass through any profits/losses to their partners. Partners have to include partnership items on their information or tax returns.

Form 990 – Return of Organization Exempt Form Income Tax

Section 527 political organizations, no exempt charitable trusts, and tax-exempt organizations file for 990 or Form 990-EZ couple with Schedule A to provide the IRS with info required by section 6033 and maintain your tax exempt status. Form is an information return required by IRS Code Section 6033.

Form 706 – U. S. Estate (and Generation Skipping) Tax Return

Not every estate has to file federal estate tax returns. The US Estate (and Generation-Skipping_ tax return is required by the IRS for estates that meet specific criteria. Not all estates will meet this criteria. As a matter of fact, only about 2 out of every 1,000 estates in the US had to pay estate tax in 2017.

Form 709 – U. S. Gift (and Generation Skipping) Tax Return

IRS Form 109 U.S. Gift (and Generation-Skipping) tax return is used to report gifts that are taxable. Taxpayers have to file Form 709 if they give out gifts that exceed the current tax year’s gift tax exclusion. As of 2018, this exclusion was $15,000 per person/per year.

Tax Planning & Advisory

For practical and professional advice on any of your business tax questions, call Partridge & Associates CPA’s PLC. We can help you figure out the best way to expend your resources to save taxes and increase profitability; help you decide which type of business entity to set up for your new company; or even help you create a long term business or succession plan. Put our more than thirty-five years of experience to work for you.

If you’ve used a national chain, an expensive large accounting firm or discount tax preparation service in the past, be prepared for a very pleasant experience at Partridge & Associates CPA’s PLC! Our small business tax advisors are also tax specialists who know tax law, and our goal is saving you money. Combine our competitive fees and superior service and you get great value. We save a typical business client thousands of dollars in taxes. What can we do for you?

Multi-State Business Taxation

Partridge and Associates can help companies facing multi-state tax issues. We are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of state tax and can provide solutions to your company’s tax concerns. We can analyze state rules to find out if your company has nexus for different state taxes, including:

State Payroll Withholding

Franchise Taxes

Sales & Use Tax

Non-Income Based Taxes

Corporate Income Tax

Why Choose Partridge & Associates CPA’s For Business Tax Preparation?

  • Over 35 years of experience in the taxation industry
  • Complete your business tax returns accurately, quickly and affordably
  • Small, Medium & Large business tax preparation services
  • Annual tax planning meetings to minimize tax liability and maximize profitability
  • Keeps you from making costly mistakes on your tax returns

How Much Does Business Tax Preparation Cost?

The average cost of business tax preparation is $1,395. Costs ranged from $895 to $1,295 in Scottsdale for 2019.

For more information on related services visit our Tax Planning and Strategy page.

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