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Scottsdale Tax Accountant Offering QUALITY Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Save Time, Lower Your Business Tax Liability and Keep More of What You Make

  • Save Time - Our tax accounting specialists take your information, in your format, and produce financial statements. That same information is then applied for tax purposes during tax season. We not only save you time, it's efficient and accurate. Plus we will help you analyze the statements and your returns to help you make better financial decisions. You don't need to do anything different or special. Our accountants use your bookkeeping system (Quickbooks,etc.) and then, we take it from there.

It's that simple.

  • Lower Your Business Tax Liability: Lower your tax liability - It has never been more important than in this economy to control expenses and spend wisely.  Filing your tax return is just the final step of an intricate process that we perform to reduce spending across the board. We will help you create, set up or manage your bookkeeping so you can stay on top of your business, and lower your taxes longerm.


  • Keep More of What You Make: We provide far more than a simple checklist of possible deductions. We bring our years of experience spanning many industries and different size companies as we review your financial statements and find ways to maximize profits and reduce tax liability. We work as your trusted tax advisor to help you figure out the best solution for your family or your business.

Listed are of some of the business tax returns we prepare.

Schedule C - Profit and Loss report for business
Form 1120 - U. S. corporation income tax return
Form 1120S - Income tax return for an S corporation
Form 1065 -  U. S. return of partnership income
Form 990 - Return of organization exempt form income tax
Form 706 - U. S. Estate (and generation skipping) tax return
Form 709 - U. S. Gift (and generation skipping) tax return
and so many others...

If you are looking for an affordable yet experienced Scottdale Accountant to help you save time or money on your bookkeeping or small business tax services, please contact our accountants today!